Understandably you will have questions about the process, we have hilighted a few of the frequently asked ones below along with the answers

I have received a letter or
phone call from you, is this a scam?

Answer: Definitely not. We are contacting you as the result of specific and detailed research into an inheritance case that we believe may involve you or your family.

UK People Finder is an established probate research company based in Gloucestershire, but with a network of over 25 local offices in the UK and abroad.

In 2015 alone we successfully claimed over 1200 estates from the Treasury on behalf of our clients.

Surely I would already know if someone
had died leaving an estate in my family?

Answer: Not necessarily. The deceased could be quite a distant relative. Also, they could have passed away up to 30 years ago. Many of the estates we investigate have remained unclaimed for many years.

The estates we deal with vary in size.

We simply do not know the value. To prevent fraud, the estate value is withheld by the Treasury until a successful claim is made.

What if the estate turns out to be very small or the case is not successful, so that the costs are not covered? Will I get a bill then?

Answer: No. This will not cost you any thing. In the unlikely event that the case fails or the costs exceed the estate value, we will take the hit.

Could I end up out of pocket?

Answer: No. Not at any point will you be asked for any money. However, we are a business and we earn our living by charging our fee to the estate when a claim is successful.

Is my personal information safe?

Answer: Yes. Any documents or other information you provide will be used only for
progressing the claim and for no other purpose whatsoever. Any original documents provided will be returned to you.

How long will the process take?

Answer: Unfortunately each claim goes through several stages, so the average is six to nine months.

Have a different question?

We have done our best to answer the most frequently asked questions here, however, we do understand that you will have unanswered questions that undoubtedly need answers.

Please send us your questions using the form to the right and we will answer them as quickly as possible.

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May I take this opportunity to thank you all for all your efforts on behalf of myself and my brother.

Robbert Chapman


Just to say many thanks for sending passport back so promptly.

Margaret Barnett


Thank you for the forms you sent me. It has been an interesting experience hearing from you and I thank you for finding me.

Adrienne Greendale


Please thank everyone for the help that was great.

June Berry